The Organization Foundation

The Organization of Great Benin Kingdom, otherwise referred to as OGBK is an organization made up of men and women whose origins can be traced to the Benin Kingdom in the present day Edo State of Nigeria. Engr. Isaac Igbinosun, Mr Christopher Enogieru and three others who discontinue, and withdrawn their membership at the initial stage are the initiator and visionary of OGBK Worldwide. These able realistic men left Great Benin Origin (GBO) and decide to start OGBK on a new ideology. They advocated for the establishment of the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide, and consults others prominent sons and daughters of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide, this forum of men and women of Great Benin Kingdom Origin, descendant ascendant was set up with the primary purpose of fostering unity and brotherliness amongst Benin Kingdom sons and daughters at home and abroad, to protect and promote the interests of Benin Kingdom around the world, and to contribute to the socio-economic and cultural advancement of Benin Kingdom.

Motto: Edo-Orisiagbon.