The idea, vision and inspiration of forming the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom, was initiated by Engr. Isaac Aibuedefe Igbinosun following his resignation from Great Benin Origin as First President.
With support and advice from his wife Mrs. Stella Igbinosun, Miss Gloria Aghahowa, who later became the Financial Secretary, a decision was reached to form the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide, to actualize our aims and objectives which is promoting our Cultural Heritage, identities, ethics and values of Great Benin Kingdom.

Prince D. O. Foster who later became the Vice President was introduced into this organisation by Miss Gloria Aghahowa to assist us in the foundation laying process of this organisation. He contributed positively towards the growth of this organisation by bringing in ideas that have been beneficial to this Organisation particularly in the Edo language Department.
Engr. Isaac Igbinosun became the Executive President/Founder of this global Organisation.
Apart from the wife of the President, Mrs. Stella Igbinosun,who remains the First lady of the Organisation the remaining members automatically became the Trustees.Their duty is to advise the executive council when the need arise.After due consultation with eminent sons and daughters of Great Benin Kingdom home and abroad, the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide (OGBK) came into existence with a *MOTTO : Ẹdorisiagbọn*

The Board of Trustees was dissolved on the 18th of April 2019 with a unanimous vote, following complaints from members of the Executive Council of Trustee’s intrusion into the Running, Management and Operations, of this Organisation.The former members of the trustees voted to dissolve it.

The administration, authority and management  of this organisation was handed over to the Executive Council for the smooth and effective running of this Organisation (OGBK).

This lead to the resignation of Prince D. O. Foster, Miss Gloria Aghahowa and Mr. Fred Obasuyi, from the Organisation.
Inauguration of this Organisation was held in Toulouse France on the 20th of July 2019, with Worldwide representation.
The President Engr. Isaac Aibuedefe Igbinosun, the Vice President Elder Chris Okunkpolor , Mrs Stella Igbinosun First Lady and all Registered Members of the Executive now remain as the Foundation Members of the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide(OGBK).
The Executive Council is the highest decision making body of the Organisation of Great Benin Kingdom Worldwide.

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